"Good Standing (With My Local Library)" was written as a whimsical look at what it means to be in "good standing." It also stresses the importance of visiting and supporting your local library!


Hey yo!

Weather guy said check outside, we’ll see some rays today
The bet was the sun would shine, it’ll get us out the way
I gazed out my bay window, showers lingering
You can bet on it, that guy’s legit, and still in good standing (he's in good standing)

Just taking it easy man, tattoos rolling down the street
Like a country dog shading, just trying to avoid the heat
heard a chatty magpie whine, ready with droppings
You can bet on it, that bird will _ _ _ _, and it knows where I’m standing (hopefully I'll get out of the way)

I am wise to nothing...at least I know where I’m standing
Yeah…do you know where you are standing?

Books and movies are returned to my local library
Hot dern they’re just a tad late, I beg your pardon please
Don’t worry my dues are paid, and my name it is Gary
You can bet on it, my card’s legit, and I’m in good standing (at least with my local library)